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Sourdough Slim -- Photo by Vern Evans
Photo by Vern Evans

"Last Of The Vaudeville Cowboys"

"Entertainer Extraordinaire!" - VIA Magazine

"There's no one else out there like Sourdough Slim. An accordion playing, yodeling,
tongue-in-cheek, cowboy-dressed entertainer deluxe. Catchy, uplifting, irresistible, jolly fun."
- Darrell Arnold, editor, Cowboy Magazine

Triumphant from Carnegie Hall and The Lincoln Center
to County Fairs, Corporate Events, Music Festivals and
Cowboy Gatherings across the country.

Highlights from this Winter's "Still Kickin'" tour

Sourdough performs "Days Of 49"

And The Crowd Goes Wild

Singin' the Blues

An Evening at Scofield's Cowboy Chuckwagon Concerts

2019 CD Release, Go to CD Page

Cowboy Songs Cover
One year in the making and worth every minute!

Great 2016 Releases!

"Whoop It Up!" and "Best Western"
"Whoop It Up!" features 14 great Sourdough Slim original compositions and "Best Western" is a cool collection of Vintage Western, Old Time Cowboy and Country Blues

Whoop It Up Cover

Best Western Cover

Check out Sourdough Slim & Robert Armstrong at: www.reverbnation.com/sourdoughslimrobertarmstrong

Here's What Those In The Know Have To Say:

"A must see for those that love to be thoroughly entertained."
- Charity Maness, Calaveras News

"Yodelicious!"- David Toll, Nevada Travel Network

"Like the forgotten vaudeville entertainers, Slim brings a high-level of showmanship to the proceedings. . . . all of this is Slim's interpretation of a colorful era, but it takes a mastermind to pull all this together and wrap it up in a coherent, if not immensely enjoyable, presentation."
- Dan Willging, Dirty Linen Magazine

"One-man Western extravaganza!"
- The Morning Call, Allentown, PA

"There's no one else out there like Sourdough Slim. Catchy, uplifting, irresistible, jolly fun."
- Darrell Arnold, Cowboy Magazine

"You won't believe your ears!"
- Willamette Week, Portland, OR

"Sourdough Slim is larger than life!"
- Baxter Black

"A master showman and one of the finest musicians I know."
- Don Edwards

"The Entertainers Entertainer!"
- Tom Russell

"The most entertaining cowboy
singer-yodeler-accordionist extant."
- Larry Kelp, East Bay Express

- Ranger Doug, Riders In The Sky

Sourdough Slim & Robert Armstrong play DeLapp guitars exclusively.
For more information on the fabulous DeLapp guitars call John at 530-220-2574




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